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Ayurveda's Mission: To Combat HIV/AIDS And Herpes

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Ayurveda's Mission: To Combat HIV/AIDS And Herpes

In 2006, Bhagwati Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. was founded to provide care and treatment to humanity for their condition so that a healthy society could be developed. The company's goal was to offer a platform for raising knowledge about Ayurveda and to assist the world in recognizing its value. Contact us at... to learn more about micro-immunotherapy as a Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus infection. Because of its long research and development history, the company is now highly sought after domestically and internationally for its Ayurvedic treatment of HIV and Herpes.

Ayurveda's Mission: To Combat HIV/AIDS And Herpes Bhagwati Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. has spent years developing BHAGWATI CONSTOP, a reliable treatment for HIV and Herpes, and it has been widely successful. It is not advertising itself as a miracle medication, but it is a powerful illustration of the potential of Ayurveda to treat severe conditions.

Bhagwati Ayurved Pvt. Ltd., being a reputable business, seeks to discover and offer its customers effective natural and healthy medicines. In addition to the preceding, our sincerest wish is to distinguish ourselves in the cutthroat international market by constantly adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and best practices.

HIV and HERPES: A Brief Overview


The human body's immune system is a target of the human immunodeficiency virus. Two species of Lentivirus (a subtype of retrovirus) infect people and are known as Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV). Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disorder in which the immune system gradually fails, developing potentially fatal opportunistic infections and malignancies.

HIV is often spread through sexual contact or the sharing of bodily fluids such as blood, pre-ejaculate, sperm, and genital secretions. Helper T cells (especially CD4+ T cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells are all infected by HIV. Multiple mechanisms contribute to the depletion of CD4+ T cells in an HIV infection, such as pyro ptosis of abortively infected T cells, apoptosis of uninfected bystander cells, the direct viral killing of infected cells, and killing of infected CD4+ T cells by CD8+ cytotoxic lymphocytes that recognize infected cells. Cell-mediated immunity is lost when CD4+ T cell levels drop below a key threshold, making the body increasingly vulnerable to opportunistic infections and, eventually, AIDS.


Infection with the herpes simplex virus may be traced back to the herpes simplex virus. It manifests in various ways, including developing blisters or sores in and around the mouth or genitalia. Blisters appear on or around the lips and mouth due to oral herpes, also known as fever or cold sores. Sores caused by genital herpes most commonly appear on the penis, buttocks, anus, and vagina. However, they can appear elsewhere on the body. Herpes can also alter vaginal discharge and produce discomfort during urination. The herpes simplex virus is contagious and can be transmitted through physical contact. After the first infection, the virus spreads to the nerve cells beneath the skin, which multiplies and causes serious illness.

The Cure: An Ayurvedic Approach

Many participants in our clinical trials have reported improved health since using Bhagwati Cons top. HIV infection can be treated with this medication. The findings of the standard RNA-PCR test have been used to confirm the treatment's efficacy in all of our patients. To keep up with the latest results, patients have undergone “Herpes Simplex Virus Antibodies Tests" at Bhagwati Cons top to monitor the virus's progress against the clinic.

In addition, the company's focus on R&D for novel medications that might be useful in treating other diseases remains unabated. There have been several points and events where the organization's work has been acknowledged. Several industry awards have been bestowed upon the company. The best price for Medicine for Herpes Simplex Virus can be found at Bhagwati Ayurved.