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Bhagwati Ayurved Terms And Condition

Terms & Conditions


Medicine Price

  • The price of “Bhagwati Constop” + other required medicines is Rs.9500.00 only inclusive of all taxes (for 25days course of the medicine).
  • The chargeable amount is of “Bhagwati Constop” only and other required medicines of this disease are provided at free of cost. No extra amount is charged for other required medicines.

Delivery & supply of goods

  • Goods will be dispatched within 48 hours after the payment is received.
  • Freight or courier charges for supply of goods within The Territory of India are for only two hundred rupees
  • Freight or courier charges for supply of goods for out of The Territory India are chargeable and the amount is to be paid by the buyer while receiving the goods.


  • Since the medicine is an “essential drug medicine”, the policies of the company do not allow the return of goods once sold or delivered.


  • Cancellation of booking is allowed within 24 hours from the time of booking.
  • 5% of the total amount of the medicine would be deducted against Cancellation of booking once made.
  • The refund amount would be transferred to the buyer’s bank account within 3-4 working days.

Consultancy Charges

  • The Doctor’s consultancy charges for consultation/advice/ conversation is Rs. 1000.00 for one time only.
  • The dosage of medicine is to be taken as per suggestion / advise of Doctor as per prescribed instructions.
  • The Medicine is to be taken on time and as per the advice of doctor, otherwise the company would not responsible for any circumstances .

General Instruction

  • All types of REPORTS & INFORMATION of the patient is kept confidential.
  • “Bhagwati Constop” destroys the HIV viruses present in the body, resulting in getting rid of viruses from the human body. The reports below are of patients taking Bhagwati constop
  • Smoking, consumption of Alcohol, Pan, Gutka, Tobacco etc. is prohibited during the course of treatment.
  • The patient should get himself examined as per the tests prescribed by the doctor on every three months in an authorized pathology lab only.
  • Patient should fill the form and other details i.e. Name, Address of correspondence or Delivery Address with an email id, gender, a valid mobile number with std code and short history of the patient’s disease & report.
  • Company would not be responsible if the medicine is the patient is negligent in taking the medicine.


  • Any type of dispute would be subject to Patna jurisdiction only.