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Herpes Simplex

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Herpes Simplex

Everything you should be knowing about HIV
AIDS is identified as an acronym for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome and is known to be as one of the fastest growing dangerous diseases without any definitive cure through conventional medicine. AIDS is never considered as a single disease but is always noted to be as the set of diseases, facilitating the destruction of body’s defense mechanism. Since, a significant reduction in the immune system the person with HIV is susceptible to a variety of infections, such as TB, Herpes Simplex, etc.

HIV Through Ayurveda
According to the Ayurveda the disease can be associated with two of the most important functions of Ayurveda i.e. Kshaya as well as Ojakashya that is in turn referred to be as loss of energy or reduction in the immunity. The symptoms of HIV and treatments that can be offered to treat the same are being mentioned in the ancient literature of Ayurveda. Experts have as well noted about how diet can play an important role in minimizing the malefic effect HIV, such as Herpes Simplex, and other infectious diseases.

According to the ancient Indian literature, the disease is often characterized with the blockage of cells i.e. called as rasadi dhatus to the different vital organs of the body, leading to significant damage of other seven important elements, such as blood, plasma, muscular tissues, adipose tissues, bones and bone marrow as well as reproductive system.

Some of the major symptoms noted are as follows:
- Loss appetite
- Unusual weight loss often associated with fatigue and lethargy
- Skin irritations
- Bronchial disorders leading to TB and lung cancers
- STDs such as Herpes simplex infection, warts, etc.
- Damage to the intestinal flora, like diarrhea, dysentery, etc.
- Widely fluctuating fever
- Sleeplessness

Some of the disease conditions associated with HIV are
- Anal cancer
- Candidiasis
- Herpes Simplex
- HIV associated neurocognitive disorders
- HIV muscular wasting syndrome
- Pneumonia
- Poliomyelitis
- Tuberculosis
- Salmonella
- Cervical cancer
- Lymphoma

Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV
The first step towards the treatment of HIV through ayurvedic medicine include good, motivating and healthy atmosphere to keep the patient physically and mentally focused. Experts advise him to be surrounded with people of good mentality, who can encourage him/her to live a happy yet meaningful life, in spite of being infected with HIV.

The patient is advised to have healthy, nutritious food that is always easily digestible. He should maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining routine exercise schedule, avoiding stress and through complete abstinence from alcohol and smoking.

Initially the patient is offered various rejuvenating tonics to build back his immune system. This can help him to boost and strengthen his body to fight opportunistic infections. The programme can also be helpful to regulate the immune system and stimulate appetite as well as digestive system. After gaining strength and better immunity the person is advised to undergo shodhana technique, wherein all his body is cleansed thoroughly to remove toxins. The blood of the person is also purified with appropriate medication to strengthen liver and kidneys.

There are some of the proprietary ayurvedic medicines that can be helpful for the patient to get back to better quality of life.