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Ayurvedic Herpes Simplex Treatment

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Ayurvedic Herpes Simplex Treatment

Ayurveda is a natural field of medicine that has remedy for almost eerie kind of ailment present under the sun. The usp of such remedies is the fact that they are developed using completely natural and herbal ingredients which ensures that a patient undergoing treatment does not suffer from any complexities or serious side effects.

Ayurvedic Herpes Simplex Treatment Bhagwati Ayurveda is one of the best available ayurvedic treatment centres that provide research facilities as well. There are doctors and practitioners available at different time slots to look into client concerns. The medicines they prescribe are also ayurvedic.

What is Herpes Simplex Virus?

HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus is a virus that is the causative agent for Herpes infection which is quite common across the globe. Basically, there are 2 categories of the virus namely HSV 1 and HSV 2. The difference between the two variant lies in their mode of transmission, while HSV 1 gets transmitted orally causing oral herpes infection, HSV 2 is sexually transmitted causing genital herpes. As per the global data available, 67% population under 50 years of age gets infected by HSV 1 virus, while around 13 percent of the global population in the age group 15-49 contracts HSV 2 virus. In most of the cases, people are asymptomatic, but those with symptoms may get red burning sores, blisters etc. HSV 2 infection if left untreated can pave way for HIV infection as well.

Herpes Simplex Treatment

As per ayurveda, the dosha imbalance results in all kinds of infections and Herpes Simplex infection is no different. The treatment in such situation becomes more complicated when the person is asymptomatic. Also, as Ayurvedic Herpes Simplex Treatment process takes some time to cure, the entire process ultimately becomes time consuming. The doctors may suggest certain tests and pathological findings to identify the presence of the virus in the body. In case, the person does have sores or blisters around mouth or genital parts, he/she should consult a doctor at the earliest to avoid complications. Apart from that most of the antiviral medicines are usually prescribed to combat the virus. Medicines to enhance immunity and clear digestive tract are also part of the treatment process in ayurveda.

Preventive Measures for HSV- WHO Recommendations

There are several initiatives by WHO that are used to create awareness about HSV and its symptoms. Several researches are also going on to develop medicines and control measures to prevent the spread. Other common preventive measures are as follows:

  • Those with oral HSV should avoid oral contact with others and sharing similar objects
  • Those with genital herpes should avoid sexual contact with others
  • Those with HSV infection must undergo HIV test as well
  • Pregnant women with symptoms should inform their health advisors to prevent spread to the child

There are many severe complications that can arise if the infection is left untreated, hence to prevent the same, it is important to keep a complete check on your body vitals so as to identify any peculiarities. Also if symptoms are noticed, don’t hesitate to consult the doctor as soon as possible.