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Herpes Simplex Medicine

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Herpes Simplex Medicine

Medical field is ever growing and there is no dearth of opportunities as well in the field. It is said that, medicine is the only profession that is free from recession. As long as there are patients, there will be requirement of good able doctors. There are many sciences available in the field of medicine like allopath, Ayurveda, homeopathy etc.

Herpes Simplex Medicine Out of these Ayurvedic science is the one closest to the nature. The medicines used in treating the disease are developed by using all natural and herbal raw materials that are readily available with the nature. Nature has bestowed mankind with such a lovely field of medicine which offers remedy for almost every other kind of ailment today. For example, one of the least heard of Herpes Simplex Medicine is also available with Ayurveda.

As the medicines are 100 percent natural and herbal, it ensures that patients suffer no to minimum side effects. Herpes Simplex Treatment includes monitoring the patient after fixed frequent intervals to analyse changes and improvements.

Usually, it is a dermatologist that notice and identify a sore causing herpes simplex infection. It is a viral infection. To confirm the outbreak of the infection, the doctor may look into the sore or may take a swab from the same for testing in the laboratory. In cases, where there are no visible symptoms or sores, certain kind of blood test may be required.

Though Ayurveda has developed a definite cure for Herpes Simplex treatment, but most of the doctors believe that these sores are automatically healed after some time. There can be another outbreak of the infection in the future if left untreated. The first one is more sever than the next occurrences.

Ayurvedic view of looking at herpes simplex

As per the ayurvedic concept, there are 7 dhatus and 3 doshas in the body that causes this visarpa or herpes simplex. These visarpas can be of different types based on the specific doshas like vataja, pittaja, kaphaja, tridoshaja among others. The ayurvedic medical world suggests few modes of treatment as herpes simplex medicine and these are as follows:

  • Langhana or ayurvedic fasting
  • Virechana which means using herbs for purgation
  • Raktamoshana which is the ayurvedic process of removing toxic blood from the body
  • Lepa which is a semi solid paste made of natural herbs and applied on the infected areas against the direction of hair
As the raw material used in ayurvedic medicines are all natural herbs, some of the most commonly used herbs are given below:

  • Yashtimadhu with immunity boosting and antioxidant powers
  • Arjuna helps in better digestion, reproduction and circulation
  • Ghrita helps in smoothening skin
  • Haritaki works directly on nervous, respiratory and digestive system
Ayurveda is a science that mainly depends on a body’s dosha and composition, hence the treatment method will vary from one person to other. The composition and quantity of herbs used in the medicine will be on individual basis as the composition of these doshas will be different in different person. A patient has to strictly adhere to the dietary plan and medications prescribed by the doctor so as to have a quick and effect recovery.