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Every disease or ailment under the sky has a remedy, but HIV is one such infection that has no definite solution till date for its effective treatment method. When western medicines gave up on discovering a definite cure, ayurveda comes to the rescue for those distressed and ailing. CONSTOP from Bhagwati Ayurveda is one of the miracle remedy that is made out of complete natural raw materials which ensures that treatment procedure does not brings out any serious side effects. Having an ayurvedic origin, the medicine though works slowly but it is sure to bring out the positive results as proven by the initial trial runs on patients. CONSTOP forms the basis for HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in India, where there has been a tremendous growth in the number of HIV infected patients off late. Ayurvedic treatment for HIV or be it any other course of treatment, it is effective only if the disease is identified form the initial stages itself. Most common and visible symptoms of the infection are as follows:

hiv medicine 1. Fluctuation in body temperature and prolonged fever condition 2. Loss is weight and considerable loss in appetite 3. Susceptibility to other simple ailments very easily An ideal professionally qualified Doctor for HIV Treatment in Noida must identify these symptoms from the initial stage itself in order to decide upon the most effective course of treatment at the earliest.

HIV is Human Immuno Virus, which causes the syndrome of HIV infection.

HIV directly invades the body of an individual to commendably reduce the immunity power, which makes the infected person weaker with passing day. Therefore, HIV in itself is not a disease but an array of disease. CONSTOP is an ideal means in Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV, which attacks the virus present inside the body to destroy it completely paving way for development of new and healthy cells. This a fact every other doctor for HIV treatment in Noida must be aware of, that the virus starts showing up only after years of getting infected which makes the treatment even more difficult. HIV ayurvedic treatment finds loads of reference form ancient texts on ayurveda, which explains the infection in a different manner. As per the ancient studies, HIV is result of kapha dosha, which along with other prominent doshas tends to block the path for the flow of rasadi dhatus to its respective location. This deteriorates cells, muscles and tissues causing the conditions of syndrome.