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HIV Ayurvedic Treatment

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COSNTOP is a new discovered cure for treating HIV virus. It is a remedy that is developed by an ayurvedic firm called Bhagwati Ayurveda. Even after years of research on possible cure, when western medicines have lost hope on discover, Ayurveda came up with a definite answer to the query in the form of CONSTOP. It is considered to be an ideal and effective Ayurvedic Medicine for HIV, which is free of any sort of side effects, like western medicines. Many a time, we have seen that a person affected by the virus of HIV i.e. Human Immuno Virus seeks social acceptance more than a medicine. At time even the family disowns a diseased just because he is suffering form HIV. With discovery of CONSTOP and other similar medicines in the class, this situation is well handled. Ayurvedic treatment of HIV is quite beneficial in the sense that it is ayurvedic; therefore one is sure to get no serious side effects. As far as the time to cure is concerned, like any other ayurvedic treatment procedure, this will too take some time for complete recovery. CONSTOP is taunted as an ideal remedy for ayurvedic treatment for HIV. This works by destroying the virus completely from the body, which ultimately aids in development of new healthy cells. Thus the person becomes healthier with each passing day.

The medicine made available to all the local community health centers as well as established ayurvedic pharmacies so that everyone can benefit from it.better treatment For better treatment it is advisable to identify the symptoms from the initial stages itself, else the process of cure becomes more complicated. Ayurvedic treatment of HIV is based entirely on identification of the symptoms. One of the most obvious one that is known for a long time is that in HIV, a person becomes vulnerable to simple and common ailments including common cold. As an effective ayurvedic medicine for HIV, CONSTOP has identified other potential symptoms as well that includes the following:

1. Weight loss owing to a decrease in appetite
2. Fever for a long time
3. High fluctuation in body temperature
4. Skin allergies and rashes

Bhagwati Ayurved is a well established professional and a complete ayurvedic firm that researches on various ailments like HIV. So far it has been able to discover medicines or remedies for diseases including arthritis and diabetes. All the medicines are made out of herbal and natural raw materials, hence without any kind of side effects.