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HIV or Human Immuno Virus is a syndrome and not a disease in itself. HIV has found reference in ancient ayurvedic texts as well as a disease with no kind of remedy available even today. In ancient times, it was believed to be a result of prominent kapha dosha, that in association with other doshas tends to block the path for the easy flow of rasadi dhatus to several muscles, tissues and cells, hence deteriorating them. This will make a person weaker with each passing day and he/she becomes susceptible to commonest of the ailments in the nature.

HIV and Ayurveda
hiv medicine1 When western medicines lost all hopes to find a potential remedy for treatment, Ayurveda has come up with a cure that is formed out of complete natural ingredients that is easily available with nature. HIV Treatment in Ayurveda deals with the ideology that if an ailment is available with nature, then its cure must be available with nature only. CONSTOP is a complete ayurvedic remedy from the house of Bhagwati Ayurveda that claims to cure the condition of HIV infection with frequent use as prescribed by an able doctor for HIV treatment in Patna and other parts of the country. No course of treatment is possible without identification of symptoms. It is a fact that HIV virus starts showing possible visible symptoms after almost 7-11 years after getting infected. Therefore complicating the treatment process. Similar to other ayurvedic treatment, treatment for HIV infection with ayurvedic medicines takes considerable amount of time for recovery. One must keep faith in the course of treatment until a positive result is achieved. Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV requires from patient as well as family members a considerable amount of time to deliver positive results. In the initial trial phase, the remedy has shown positive results; hence the medicine has shown tremendous potential for faster recovery of diseased and distressed.

Ayurvedic remedies are effective but it takes considerable amount of time. HIV treatment in Ayurveda is without any sort of serious side effects as the medicines are made out of pure and natural raw materials unlike western medicines. A potential Doctor for HIV Treatment in Patna believes that a medicine works as a wonder drug only if a patient is positive in approach. More than medicine, one needs to be emotionally strong in order to handle the scenario around. Social acceptance, sometimes from family members itself, is what an infected person seeks for the most.