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Medicine of Diabetes in Ayurved

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What is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes?

There was a time when diabetes was considered to be a disease of the rich class, but today people are more practical and accepted the fact that diabetes is indeed a very common disease that is caused by overconsumption of sugar content. There are many other factors apart from glucose or sugar that can hike the level of sugar in blood resulting in diabetic condition, but the more important thing is that it can be controlled and eliminated completely either by medicine or via strict disciplinary lifestyle.

Medicine of Diabetes in Ayurved Ayurveda and Diabetes

As per ayurveda, diabetes is also known as madhumeha which translates to sweet urine. The most common form of the same is diabetes mellitus or vata prameha, which is caused as a result of imbalance of the vata dosha. Another form of diabetes is diabetes insipidus or kapha prameha, caused by imbalance of kapha dosha. The definition is as per the ancient science of ayurveda which also has some valuable and effective cure for the treatment of the same. Any kind of Medicine of Diabetes in Ayurved tends to create a balance in the doshas to regain lost vitality and health. Some of the steps includes in the holistic treatment approach of diabetes with Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes are as follows:

  • An ayurvedic doctors prescribes certain herbal medicines typically made out 100 percent natural ayurvedic ingredients
  • Detox procedures for complete detoxification of the body
  • The easiest and the most essential way to curb the effect of diabetes is via maintaining a proper balanced diet
  • Diabetes is one of the top-ranking diseases under lifestyle diseases category and hence changes in lifestyle is a must which includes a shift from sedentary lifestyle which is very common these days
Apart from these there are well researched ayurvedic powders and tonics that will help in regaining the lost health. Neem, jamun seeds, bael, cumin, ginger, fenugreek are all natural readily available products that could help in lowering blood glucose level.

Natural Ingredients and Treatment

Ayurvedic takes cue from nature itself to help the diseased regain health. The raw materials used in the ayurvedic medicines are mostly those rare or sometimes very common herbs or ingredients that are readily available with nature. Some of these natural herbs are given below:

  • Indian gooseberry or amla is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which help in absorption of insulin and regulate sugar levels
  • Triphala – It includes amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki and helps in maintaining a healthy gut and reduces oxidative stress
  • Fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, drumsticks, aloe vera are natural spices that help in maintaining sugar levels and a good digestive system
  • Whole grains and nuts are rich in fibres and healthy fats that lower bad cholesterol and hence help in maintaining a balanced blood sugar level
The ayurvedic course of treatment for ayurveda also includes panchakarma therapy that is a definite part of the process for many diseases. It helps in detoxification and usually takes a week or two for the complete process. So, for ayurvedic treatment, you need to dedicate time and patience.