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Protect your joints with Ayurveda

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Protect your joints with Ayurveda

While the West tends to think of the skeleton as a machine that carries the rest of the body, which sometimes seizes up and wears out over time, Ayurveda thinks of the skeleton as fully part of the organism. This is why its management goes through food, massages, or plants. Nothing esoteric there; it's even quite the opposite! For example, when we gain too much weight, we inevitably weigh more heavily on our knees, and if we spend all our time tapping on a computer keyboard, the fingers end up suffering. By correcting the situation with Ayurveda, we straighten our shoulders; we take care of our skeleton and everything around it!

Protect your joints with Ayurveda The alarm clock rings: you open your eyes and straighten up to get out of bed. But things won't be so easy… You painfully place your foot on the ground with the impression of “creaking” throughout your body; your joints are painful. You already know that the day is likely to be painful. It's probably time to take care of your skeleton! Ayurveda has developed both care and prevention techniques to take care of your joints from an early age because they always end up being noticed. When buying the best Ayurvedic Medicine of Joint Pain, Bhagwati Ayurved is widely recognized as the best company in the market, offering high-quality products at the best prices. Let’s explore more about Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain.

The appearance of your joints according to your dosha

  • Vata has a light, delicate frame. Her hips and shoulders are narrow. His joints are prominent and lean, and his musculature is light.
  • Pitta has a medium frame, well-proportioned joints, and firm musculature.
  • Kapha has broad shoulders and hips. His joints are large, well-formed, and lubricated. His muscles are solid.
Ayurvedic massage, care, and prevention

If the first writings on massage date back to 3000 BC and come from China. Ancient this practice would have appeared for the first time in India 6000 years ago. Integrated into Ayurveda, it helps regulate the doshas (or energies) in the body!

Stimulating the Immune System and Promoting Pain-Free Growth

In India, from the birth of a baby, his parents massage him every day. This massage, also called Shantala, will stimulate his immune system, help him go through the phases of growth without pain, and get him used to preserving his body.

Massage is practiced simply and must be part of the ritual of daily care, in the same way as a toilet or teeth brushing. People who suffer from joint pain or work on the computer all day will especially appreciate a finger massage. Take each finger in your other hand and use your thumb to press firmly on it first and then below.

Alleviating Discomfort and Increasing Circulation

A pleasant side effect of the massage: the contact with the skin, associated with the light pressure exerted on the body, stimulates certain hormones, particularly oxytocin, secreted by the pituitary gland, which is known to bring joy, satisfaction, and love.

Protecting your joints is essential to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. With Ayurveda, an ancient Indian practice, you can manage joint pain and prevent future problems by incorporating food, massages, and natural remedies into your routine. By incorporating ayurvedic Medicine of Joint Pain into your daily routine along with Ayurvedic oil massage, you can take care of your skeleton, reduce joint pain, and enjoy a healthier, happier life.